FRIENDS OF THE POUND – ATLANTIS FOTP which is an initiative of RRSA has achieved its objectives culminating with the ‘docket case dogs’ being taken into the care of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA who have the expertise to deal with animals to their benefit. Rescue Rehab SA recruited a team of volunteers called FOTP to do an Outreach to the Atlantis Pound, Western Cape, on Fridays to take the Docket Case dogs out of their kennels to walk and exercise in a safe environment as well as brush, love and provide human and social interaction. WHAT IS A DOCKET CASE DOG? A docket case dog is a dog which has attacked either people or other animals and has been confiscated by the City’s Law Enforcement and taken to Atlantis Pound and been taken to the Atlantis Animal Pound while an investigation is being undertaken. April 2016:  Status Upon Arrival Control Unit: City of Cape Town Law Enforcement: Dogs in these kennels never get to be taken out.  They never see any sunlight.  No bed to sleep on, just a smelly wet wooden sheet.  No stimulation in the form or toys or human interaction. No visitors allowed.  Pound staff had no idea of the legal status of the animals, and we were told that they due to the dogs being aggressive, that they could not be taken out of their kennels. Needs Analysis Report Rescue Rehab SA submitted a report of our findings to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, who in turn submitted same to the City of Cape Town.  We were requested by City of Cape Town to start “Friends of the Pound” as soon as possible. Critical Needs These dogs were in desperate need of both physical and mental stimulation, exercise and fresh air. We collected R3000 worth of donations and bought 14 Kong Toys in order to reduce their frustration. We did an urgent Blanket Drive and collected blankets for the animals to sleep on during winter. RRSA implemented Systems to assist the animals and the staff who work at the Pound. We also suggested a french drain in order to clean up the 20 year old effluent outside the dog kennels. Pound Outreach A rotation of wonderful volunteers immediately stepped in to help us walk the dogs every Friday morning. Each dog was brushed, loved and assessed for medical conditions.  FOTP volunteers would observe the condition of the animals to ascertain if any needed to be referred to the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA for treatment, as well as to identify and assist with rehabilitating stressed and fear-aggressive dogs. Individual records were kept of each case with regular updates as to how the dogs were progressing. RRSA and the FOTP Team were assisting with on-site upskilling of some of the staff members as an introduction to animal husbandry.  A Pound Report is sent weekly to the Pound Master, CEO CoGH SPCA, City of Cape Town and the RRSA Team. We provided the dogs with rubber mats – offering insulation from the cold inside the kennels, and raised bedding.  We also received donated panel heaters to install into each kennel. DogSquad It would appear that these dogs were incarcerated for way longer than is deemed necessary.  Most of the dog owners do not have the means to even buy airtime, or take about 8 taxis to get to the pound, or get legal representation, or even send a fax or an email.  RRSA decided to start up a team to help these people and their pets to provide Law Enforcement with the correct paperwork, in order to get an outcome for these dogs.  Many of these people live in dangerous hot-spot areas, so this task is far more challenging than meets the eye. Closure of the Atlantis Pound Rescue Rehab SA discovered many cases of Distemper outbreaks for 2016, and urgently requested to have the Pound quarantined.  In the interim we requested that these animals be moved to a more suitable location where they can have a more humane environment that provides fresh air, sunlight and a dry bed to sleep on at night, as well as be exposed to permanent veterinary care and proper husbandry. Re-homing of Docket Case Dogs Should an owner surrenders their dog, RRSA has a database of Foster Homes awaiting these Freed Souls for a better life away from ever being a victim of their surroundings again. Rescue Rehab would like to thank the following people for their support:
  • The Friends of the Pound Volunteers that join us every Friday morning with an outreach to visit the dogs. Without these wonderful volunteers, we would not have been able to achieve the task at hand – Yolanda Cook, Britta Morgenroth, Veronica Nel, Alma Schaap, Melissa Andrews, Maryke de Beer, Gwen Dugtig, Tamsyn Dugtig, Mayanna Muter, Wylson Lynne, Samantha Jorgenson, Robyn Bronkhorst, Ariel Stoop, Carole Ann Sheratt, Samantha Botha, Bernie Hesse, Lester Timm, Chris, Tracy & Carla
  • Cape of Good Hope SPCA who is always offering veterinary care for the sick and injured inmates.
  • To the community and all those who sponsored products and funding towards helping these animals.
  • The City of Cape Town and Alderman JP Smith who has assisted in finding a suitable solution for the future of Docket Case dogs.
  • The public who are unable to help us at outreaches, but are always supporting us with encouragement and who believe in us.

Thank you, your support is what has given us the strength to keep moving forward and fight for a better life for Docket Case Dogs!

  Status update: Completion of Project – November 1, 2016 The Docket Case dogs now all go to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA which is the best outcome for the situation as they have animal behaviourists, veterinarians and other experts to assess the dogs, their owners and properties, as well as ensure that investigations are expedited in the best interests of the animals.  We would like to thank each and every volunteer and sponsor for having made this project possible.  Without the community it would be impossible to successfully assist in  offering a better life for animals that needs our support and care. Friends of the Pound volunteers are now on standby to support other projects of RRSA. If you would like to find out more and join Friends of the Pound to support further animal projects please send your enquiry to Support our Cause: Save Tax  – South African donors Donations to Rescue Rehab SA, NPO 181-189, are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act of 1962. For a donation tax receipt, please email proof of payment to or call 082 440 4813. SNAPSCAN/EFT/DIRECT DEPOSITS:  Acc Name: Rescue Rehab South Africa Trust Bank: First National Bank Branch Code: 203 809 or Universal Code: 250 655 Account No: 626 3787 3507 Reference: Please submit proof of payment along with your contact details so that we may Thank You! FNB’s SWIFT code: FIRNZAJJ Donate online through our secure payment gateway. Click on the buttons below to donate from anywhere in the world. Your donation will be converted into South African Rand (ZAR) for payment by PayFast or Paypal. Buy     Paypal Donation Recipient: