A huge thank you to our facilitators, the experts in their fields, for making their presentations available to the public as well as Livemax Media & Streaming for their video footage.  It is with knowledgeable information and education that we raise up a strong community of animal rescuers and carers.


Thank you for your Support!

Robbie Robberts | Director CoCT Law Enforcement – Safety & Security

Robbie Robberts was previously employed by the South African Police Services and ended his career in 2015 as a Major General after 32 years of service in the SAPS South African Police Service. 

He holds the following position in the Directorate for Safety and Security: Director: Operational Coordination within the City of Cape Town since 2015.

Director Robberts is responsible to attend all the various operational meetings in terms of the above mentioned Priority Committees. He is also responsible to attend all operational and administrative meetings. This include meetings initiated by other Departments where a representative of the Safety and Security Directorate is required.

Director Robberts is also responsible to attend all internal meetings initiated by the different Directorates within the City of Cape Town.

Morgane James | Senior Inspectorate NSPCA – Animal Welfare matters

Morgane James is a Senior Inspector and Manager of the Training and Outreach Units of the NSPCA – National Council of SPCAs and has a diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour. She has extensive field experience with farm animals, companion animals and working donkeys in disadvantaged communities. 

In addition to law enforcement she has for many years been actively involved with community outreach and education. She has a special interest in the human/animal bond, believing that relationships between humans and non-human animals that are based on kindness and respect are the cornerstone to improving the manner in which non-human animals are treated and cared for.

Tracy McQuarrie & Elanza Klopper | Founder Dog Town Pretoria – What makes a successful NPO?

Unfortunately no PDF is available for this presentation, please refer to the live streaming link above.

After successfully running my own post production facility for over 15 years I decided it was time to make a difference and give back to my community.

My passion has always been animals. I’m an internationally qualified dog trainer, animal behaviourist and I’m in my 3rd and final year of study to become a small animals TTouch Practitioner.

After following the programme Dogtown on Nat Geo Wild I realised this is what our local shelters are missing. I decided to visit the biggest and most successful animal shelter in the USA to learn how they have become so successful. I attended a workshop on how to start an animal sanctuary at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in UTAH where I learnt how to create a better life for shelter animals and increase the rate of successfully rehoming dogs.

I believe that euthanasia of a healthy dog because of lack of funds and space is not an acceptable solution. We need to stop the problem at the source and end the irresponsible breeding of animals and put an end to puppy mills. Shelter dogs have an unfair reputation of being problems dogs but if we could assist shelters with a training and rehabilitation programme for the animals in their care, these dogs can go on to be happy well adjusted pets.

Jaco Pieterse | Society Liaison Officer NSPCA – Animal Welfare and the Law

Jaco Pieterse grew up in Vereeniging in a household where they were taught to love animals and care for them like they would care for themselves.

“I always had a passion for animals. I used to own chickens and dogs when growing up. They were all my pets and were part of the family.”

Pieterse wanted to work with animals since the age of 15 when he saw Animal Cops Houston on Animal Planet. “I told my parents this is what I wanted to do – rescue animals. I then started to volunteer at the SPCA when I was 15-years-old.”

Pieterse has been with the SPCA for more than 12 years and came from the National SPCA to Sandton SPCA because they needed a manager with good management skills.

Peter Netshipale | Deputy Director Dept of Social Development –  NPO’s in SA

Scotty Valadao | Friends of the Dog – FODS Shelter Initiative

Friends of the Dog is the brain child of Scotty Valadao. Over the years, Scotty realized more and more, that many dog owners were totally confused by the proliferation of information on the Internet, with its mixed messages and dubious experts and very often, more harm than good was occurring. In order to remedy this, she decided to put together a ‘one stop’ site full of reliable information, written by professionals, to help dog owners with their dogs.

Scotty has been involved with dogs her whole life and has been working in the canine profession, on a full-time basis since 2002. She has obtained accreditation from the ABC of SA™ (Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA™), and is a qualified dog training instructor, endorsed to instruct Puppy Training Groups and Basic Home Obedience classes and is a veterinary nutritional adviser. She has completed a Basic Animal Behaviour (Canine) certificate course at Technikon Pretoria as well as a course on Modern Theories of Canine Psychology, Behaviour & Obedience with the Animal Care Collage (UK), obtaining a distinction. Scotty is also qualified as a Tellington Touch Practitioner, and finds that the combination of behaviour modification and Tellington TTouch brings about fantastic results. Her passion is sharing this knowledge with owners, as she says that “when you understand why your dog is engaging in a particular behaviour, you then have the knowledge and tools to change that behaviour”.

Morgane James | Senior Inspectorate NSPCA – Victims in Animal Fighting  

Unfortunately no live streaming or PDF available for this presentation.

Katherine Train | COMENSA Coach – The Psychological Effects of Animal Welfare

Dr Katherine Train is an independent practitioner and researcher. Since 2005 she has been researching, developing learning material and presenting training on professional development, well-being, presence, empathy and prevention of compassion fatigue and burn out.

She holds a PhD from the University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business where she researched compassion capability in resource limited organisations in South Africa. Katherine is a registered coach with COMENSA.

Tarryn Roux | Get a Pet – Software Product

Like many animal lovers Tarryn grew up surrounded by animals, with family members that fostered a deep love and respect for them. Tarryn worked in animal shelters in Mozambique and Malawi for 10 years and has a passion for animal welfare, and a passion not only for helping animals, but to help the people that are helping them. 
With a background in training and animal behaviour, Tarryn created and implemented several successful train-to-adopt and assessment programs and eventually found her niche in Organisational Development; combining her love of animals and passion for rescue, her great organisational skills and her background in animal behaviour. 

While working in Mozambique and Malawi Tarryn was exceptionally fortunate to gain knowledge from seasoned professionals in Animal Welfare from WVS, HSI, Mission Rabies, Dogs Trust, Edenborough University and many NGO organizations from around the world. 

Tarryn ran the Blantyre SPCA for 4 years and successfully managed the Mission Rabies Malawi campaign, vaccinating over 250,000 dogs and cats in 2 years as well as sterilizing over 10,000 in the same time period!

Get a Pet will be a helpful contribution shelter management tool which is a web-based, device friendly complete management tool for shelters and those hero’s working in animal welfare across the country.

Get a Pet as 2 parts to it.

  1. Shelter management tool
  2. Website. 

In non-tech speak that means you can use it from any device that has internet – a cellphone, computer, tablet, even a tv! 

There are tons of features to the management tool, the best parts are by far the animal management – allowing you to save details, photos, medical records, adoption contracts – the works, all paperless and stored to a cloud so you can’t lose it!

The donation section automatically sends thank you emails to your donors and puts any monetary donations into your financial spreadsheet. 

You can manage your foster homes, save records of your community work, and pull reports… so many things! 

Another great thing is that you can create users on your profile and grant certain users access to only parts of the system. So can you have volunteers helping you to manage the intakes, or adoptions and they will only have access to that part of the system – not everything.

One of my favourite things about Get a Pet is that it is all about helping you to help the animals, and part of that is finding them homes. 

The Get a Pet website is a place where the public can go to search for animals to adopt. They type in their search criteria, and a list of animals that match, or that closely match, come up – showing the animals in all the shelters registered on the system. 

Before you shudder at the thought of more work – it’s all automatic! The moment you save that animals profile on the Shelter management Tool, it gets automatically added to the database that the website searches from. 

From there, the public can browse the animals that pop up, they can share them to various social media sites or via email. 

We don’t interfere with the adoption process at all. If Joe Soap is interested in Fluffy the dog, he will hit enquire and his message will be sent straight to you and you can carry on from there. 

Get a Pet is the first of it’s kind to be developed in South Africa. Most other software is dollar based and is either terribly complicated to use, or just way too expensive. 

We’ve set the price as low as we possibly can, and it’s literally just covering the hosting costs. 

BUT because the company that developed this for me are huge animal lovers, and in fact the owner is an SPCA volunteer, they have given me the first year of hosting free – which means I can give you the first year free!

Hugo Smit | General Manager Your Companion –  Lionel’s Choice Pet Food

Tony Gerrans | Executive Director HSI Africa – Developments in Animal Law Internationally & lessons for South Africa

Tony is the Executive Director of Humane Society/Africa. In this role Tony manages all aspects of HSI’s campaign work in southern Africa, and the expansion of HSI programs into other countries across the African continent. These programs include campaigns for the protection of wild and farmed animals, companion and working animals and those used in research and entertainment.

Tony holds bachelor degrees in sociology and law, a post-graduate diploma in business administration, and is currently studying towards a masters degree in animal law at the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. 

Before joining HSI, Tony was part of the team researching and advising the post-apartheid Commission on Restitution of Land Rights on the legal validity of land restitution claims filed by victims of South Africa’s racially-based ‘separate development’ policy. He has also served as a trustee of the Humane Education Trust, the South African affiliate of Compassion in World Farming, and was involved with the establishment of a farmed animal sanctuary in Franschhoek outside Cape Town. 

He currently also serves as legal advisor to the Cape Animal Welfare Forum and has chaired the sub-committee tasked with driving the revision of the Cape Town City Animal By-law.

Jaco Pieterse | Society Liaison Officer NSPCA – Arising challenges in Animal Welfare

Unfortunately no live streaming is available for this presentation, please refer to the PDF version link above.


A most edifying animal welfare conference. – Toni Brockhoven – Beauty without Cruelty SA

A formal thank you for your kind invitation and warm welcome received at the conference. Thank you all, for arranging the accommodation and Dave for running Morgs around. I am told that the conference was a credit to you all.

We are honoured to have been part of the presentations.  Thank you so much for my medical box. I am hugely impressed. Thanks to you all very much for having us. Marcelle Meredith – NSPCA

My expectations were exceeded.  Very interesting, informative and inspiring.  Thank you for coordinating this event, I will definitely attend next year – Julie Ackermann

Expectations were met…above and beyond! THANK YOU! I look forward to the next one! Perhaps an extra day would be beneficial to allow for more question time after talks – Melanie de Morney – SANParks – Knysna Animal Welfare 

I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome conference. Elanza and I didn’t really know what to expect but we both thought it was incredible. We met so many awesome people with the same passion and it was exciting to see so many people wanting to do better for the animals in their care. – Tracy McQuarrie – Dogtown SA

Thank you so very much for a great conference!   Please pass my gratitude for all the hard work done by everyone involved, particularly those behind the scenes – we truly appreciated it.Natalie van Wulven – The Butterfly Effect

What an awesome conference it was.  So very well organized and amazing speakers with relevant topics.  I had no real idea of what it is your organization does, but you guys really do good work.

Please let me know when we will have access to the presentations as I would love to give our team feedback.  Thank you once again.  Maybe you should do one every 6 months 🙂 – Karin Paschen – Cart Horse Protection Unit

Very informative and interesting.  I learnt so much.  Well done to the organisers.Nita Mauermann – Laingsburg Diere in Nood

I had no idea what to expect and was wonderfully surprised. Please keep me informed of any future happenings, workshops, conferences, etc. Conference was FABULOUS!Vanya Schofmann – Caledon Animal Welfare

Really an honour to be there!Scotty Valadao – Friends of the Dog

I can’t tell how you incredible the weekend was. We enjoyed it so much and meeting with the NSPCA and having the opportunity to chat to them was a real highlight for me personally.

Thank you so much for arranging this and for inviting us.  We are looking forward to next year!Karin Paschen – Cart Horse Protection Unit

Thank you! We made some amazing connections and it’s all because of you. – Justine Frey

Thank YOU! What an inspiring group of people. – Tarryn Roux – Get a Pet Product

What fantastic work you do NSPCA. Thank you. And a big shout out to RRSA for a very informative conference. – Belinda Taljaard Van Tonder – Fisante Kraal Animal Welfare (FAW)

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