Rescue Rehab SA: Helping The Rescuers

When one thinks about the gruelling and traumatising cases animal rescuers have to deal with on an ongoing basis, we wonder who is there anyone to support these rescuers? Well, such an organisation does exist. It is called Rescue Rehab SA, and is a registered non-profit Trust, which was founded by Ronel De Villiers. Trustee Dave Thorpe tells how they support animal rescue groups in South Africa. “Rescue Rehab SA was developed as a niche long-term capacity building project to upskill animal rescuers and assist animal rescue organisations by sharing and offering opportunities to become sustainably secure. We bring experts together with animal rescuers in order to assist them in gaining greater knowledge and expanding their abilities and volunteer experience, the Animal Rescuer Conferences being an example. We will on request assist organisations with developing solutions for areas in which they might want to improve, as well as create solutions for problematic areas within organisations that require attention or upgrading. “The Rescue Rehab SA trust is based on three trustees, as well as our advisory board. Our RRSA Projects and hands-on crew consists of 12 volunteers, and seven advisory board members being auditing, legal, fundraising, marketing, operations, projects and support. The team focus on their own areas of expertise while assisting each other where possible.” The challenges that Rescue Rehab SA find they are up against are ‘a lack of capacity in administration, management and systems skills. Dealing with and understanding national, provincial legislation and local by-laws. Financial management and sustainability, funding and legislation regarding fundraising and finally, volunteer management’. Reposted from People Magazine

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