Rescue Rehab SA was established in order to support the need to uplift the current state of many animal rescue and animal welfare organisations in South Africa by investing in the upskilling of staff and volunteers will constantly drive our aim to help them make their organisations self sustaining and financially secure.

The need for appropriate care of abandoned animals and the ever growing number of animal shelters has increased substantively during the past few years. Numerous organisations which start up as the result of compassionate people who don’t necessarily have the skills required to build sustainable and well funded rescues often find themselves in debt to the detriment of their charges.


We are a dedicated team of individuals that have extensive back ground in the various key functions to help give an organisation maximum support. By helping an animal rescue organisation become a success in their community, will give us the satisfaction of being able to help as many animals (and the people who work with them) as we possibly can in South Africa.



How we started:

Our aim was to try and help as many animals as we could. In doing so, we believed that our focus needed to change, we needed to help the people more than the animals. By helping the people who work with the animals, and empower them, we could reach out to much more animals. While drawing up our Business Plan, we had to include our research, and started to visit as many animal rescues as possible. We believed that the biggest need for helping our animals started at the local animal pound where they house Docket Case Dogs. And so the first of many projects for Rescue Rehab started.