Friends of the Pound – Atlantis Pound We found this State Facility in good order, but upon further investigation, found that the dogs impounded were treated inhumanely due to their extremely long incarceration periods, confined to a very small cell, with no human contact for up to 18 months (that we know of) without adequate mental and physical stimulation. Many of the owners are either incapable of defending their case in court (lack or knowledge and or funds – to even make a phone call) or they do not want their animals back. These dogs are often victims of their environment, being severely teased or stolen by children and passers by and they have very little to no shelter, especially when their owners are not present during working hours. In May 2016 Team Rescue Rehab was given permission by the City of Cape Town via the Cape of Good Hope SPCA to start our first project : Friends of the Pound. Our aim is to immediately step in and alleviate the cruelty of their confinement, by upgrading the living conditions and providing human interaction. We have put systems in place to monitor their well-being and whilst assisting the owners and victims to speed up an outcome for their cases. We wish to provide a duplicate system to other pounds around South Africa. Rescue Rehab would like to thank the following people for their support:
  • The Friends of the Pound Volunteers that join us every Friday morning with an outreach to visit the dogs. Without these wonderful volunteers, we would not have been able to achieve the task at hand.
  • Cape of Good Hope SPCA who is always offering veterinary care for the sick and injured inmates.
  • To the community and all those who sponsored products and funding towards helping these animals.
  • The City of Cape Town and Alderman JP Smith who has assisted in finding a suitable solution for the future of Docket Case dogs.
  • The public who are unable to help us at outreaches, but are always supporting us with encouragement and who believe in us.                                                                                                    Thank you, your support is what has given us the strength to keep moving forward and fight for a better life for Docket Case Dogs.
Outcome: Project Completed The Docket Case dogs now all go to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA which is the best outcome for the situation as they have animal behaviourists, veterinarians and other experts to assess the dogs, their owners and properties, as well as ensure that investigations are expedited in the best interests of the animals. We will also be helping the owners and victims of the animals where necessary, to speed up the outcome of these cases. Friends of the Pound volunteers are now on standby to support other projects of RRSA.