THE END OF COSMETIC ANIMAL TESTING IN SOUTH AFRICA  HOW YOU CAN HELP  Click on the link in the newsletter to send a letter of support for the amendment to the APA, which is about the ban on, and criminalisation of, cosmetic testing in South Africa. BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) initiated an APA amendment to include a ban on cosmetic testing. This should be uncontested as it is certainly not controversial. We need your support – read the Amendment Bill and send your emails of support by 30 December 2017 to and You can send something as basic as this: CLICK HERE TO SEND A COPY  Just add your name at the bottom of the mail you send. Thank you. This is by no means perfect, or the end. We’d like to see a ban on importing animal tested cosmetic and household products. We’d like you to voice that. There will still be loopholes so the Humane Guide remains an essential. The purpose of the Bill is to amend two Acts, the Animals Protection Act 1962 and the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act of 1972, with the following intentions: 1. To prohibit the sale and manufacture of cosmetics (final product and ingredients) which were tested on animals in South Africa 2. To criminalise the testing of cosmetics on animals 3. To criminalise the failure to provide animals with an appropriate environmentAt Rescue Rehab SA we are the mostly concerned about the well-being of animals, but it is always critical to remain aware of the bigger picture, and that is the general mental and physical health of all animals. It is for this reason that we wanted to share with you the value of this Animal Protection Amendment Bill and hope that your participation will be a part of a successful outcome of this vitally important product. At the beginning of 2017, Cheryllyn Dudley submitted a Private Member’s Amendment Bill after Beauty Without Cruelty proposed that amongst other things, cosmetic testing be banned on ingredients and products in South Africa. There are already non-animal methods available which are effective, accurate, cost effective and give almost immediate and consistent results. We are indebted to Ms C Dudley and her team for the dedication, time and energy to this important and vital issue. We have received words of support from Cruelty Free International (formerly the British Union Against Vivisection) which has the Leaping Bunny, which means this action has received international recognition. CONNECT

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