IMDT | 1-Day Perfect Puppy & 2-Day Dog Instructor Membership Assessment Certification | GALLERY

A huge thank you to our facilitators, DogtownSA & IMDT – Gordon & Elanza, the experts in their field, for making this incredible opportunity available to animal welfare organisations as well as public members residing in the Western Cape.  It is with knowledgeable information and education that we raise up a strong community of animal rescuers, carers and owners alike! 

Thank you for your support and most importantly, for the endless amazing efforts of animal welfare staff, we appreciate and applaud you for the work you do!

A special thanks to our Sponsors, Donors & Volunteers:

A huge thank you to our Sponsors for making these important training opportunities a reality: Your Companion – Lionel’s Choice, Happy Culture Kombucha, Komati Foods, and Oasis Water! 

Thuli & Bridget – your help with the logistics and operations of the weekend & workshops to ensure that the delegated are taken care of and the dogs remain safe is highly appreciated. Thanks so much, it’s been our pleasure working together to ensure a successful event!

Assessment dog school classes presented by future instructors: Practicing how to teach their dogs to remain focussed, sit, and stay whilst moving away.

Training while playing games, like musical chairs, with dogs is so much fun!

Jollying up the dogs into a high state of excitement to practice settling down in 3 seconds!